Preparing Your Plant and Flower Beds

Smoker's Geneva Materials specializes in all things mulch, and we take pride to beautifying lawns in Geneva, OH, and the surrounding areas. Make your flower bed the talk of Ashtabula County by following our expert advice. 

The most important step in building a beautiful flower bed is using high-quality mulches, which will keep moisture contained and deter nuisance weeds. Lucky for you, we offer a variety of attractive and affordable mulches that’ll work perfect for your Midwestern garden. 

After picking up your ideal mulches, topsoil, and landscaping materials, it’s time to take care of the dirty work. To begin, you’ll need to remove any existing undesired vegetation that’s growing in your desired location. Simply use a herbicide or flat spade to handle this chore. 

Once existing weeds and grass have been removed, begin edging your garden to give it a more defined look. Even novice gardeners can accomplish this task by digging a little trench and outlining the ditch with decorative bricks. 

Afterwards, get started planting your flowers. Dig holes that are twice as large as their pots and make sure to give each plant enough space, ensuring their roots have the proper room they need to spread and grow. The next step is to use our outstanding topsoil so your flowers receive the proper nutrients. 

Finally, it’s time for the mulches. You’ll only need to put down two to three inches of the mulch you picked up. To figure out how much you’ll need, just multiply your garden’s length, width, and depth, then divide it by 27, as that’s the number of cubic feet in a yard. Sounds easy, right? 

Landscaping Rocks

Landscape Rocks

Top soil

Top Soil

Natural Landscaping Mulch

All Natural Double Ground Bark Mulch

Red Mulch

Red, Brown, and Black Colored Mulch

Railroad ties

Number 1 Grade Railroad Ties

Composting bin in backyard


Quality top soil

Screened Top Soil

Hardwood Lumber

Hardwood Utility Lumber